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Posted on October 22, 2010 at 12:05 AM

My female Megaphobema robustum has webbed herself in her hole. It look like she is getting ready to make an egg sac.

Looks like A. jurenicola, P.irminia,P.cambridgei, and N.vulpinus may all make sacs. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

The M. velvetosoma are starting to to get dark and should go to 1st instar in the next week.

The P. sp. "platyomma" are 1st instar and walking all over the place. Nice big slings!

The B. albopilosum should start to molt to 2nd instar in the next couple days. Curly hairs for all my friends. lol that sound weird if your not a bug person. lol.

That all the news for now....................................

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