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Posted on December 15, 2010 at 11:35 PM

Last week the Sericopelma rubronitens abandon her egg sac. I took the sac and put it in an incubator. So far the eggs look good. A few look like they will go to eggs with legs any time now. we shall see.

The P. cambridgei ate her sac the day I was going to pull it. If only I  had pulled it a few days early like I usually do. :(

L. klugi  is still holding her sac . no problems so far. The sac is almost the size of a tennis ball.

P. nigricolor is still holding her sac as well. so far so good.

P. platyomma should go to 2nd in star any time now.

M. velvetosoma should go to 2nd instar in the next 3 weeks or so...............

Breeding currently in progress:

A. avicularia


A. geniculata



C. darlingi

C. fimbriatus

G. pulcraipes

H. lividum

L. dificilis

L. parahybana



P. platyomma

P. sp. "south Ecuador

P. miranda

P. irminia


And king baboon.( What ever the hell they are calling it today)

I think thats all of them....lol

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