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1 NEVADA Goldback 1/1000 oz (0.001 oz) of .999 fine Gold


What is a Gold Back?

The Utah, Nevada, and New Hampshire Goldbacks are a world-first form of gold “paper” currency that can be used as legal tender. Because the Goldbacks were made with the intention to provide an alternative currency to the US Dollar, they are easy to store and visually stunning. On top of that, they are the beginning of an alternative currency in certain states. The Goldbacks offer a unique investment opportunity because they trade against the dollar, even as a form of currency! This is owing to the fact that they carry their own intrinsic value since they are made of real gold. These notes are, therefore, not a representation of gold ownership because they are literally gold. Inflation subsequently does not harm the value of the Goldbacks.

1,000 Goldbacks in any denomination is the equilvelent of 1 oz of Gold 

****Not Legal Tender*****

**It is a volentary currency by the states that produce them.**

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